Dwayne Hogan
Resume for Dwayne Hogan

Resume for Dwayne Hogan

Work Experience

2020 - Present
Freelance SEO Consultant
Developing customized SEO growth strategies for marketing terms. Performing keyword research, content strategy, website quality audits, competitive analysis, backlink strategies, local SEO optimization, site acquisition research, quick win identification, domain migration assistance, site architecture optimization.
Brands I’ve worked with include MTNOPS, Eddy, Clearlink, AT&T, Madrivo, Next Ventures, Geartrade, Love Majka, Rachl Mansfield, Moxie Pest Control, and others across a variety of industries.
SEO Lead - Firetoss
Developed and executed SEO strategies with Firetoss client web properties, totalling over $30k in recurring monthly revenue.
Assisted C-Suite and business analysts with due sourcing, due diligence, and acquisition of new web properties and companies
2016 - 2017
SEO Manager - Lucid Software
Developed, implemented and managed all SEO campaigns, strategies and initiatives.
Measured and reported performance of organic and referral traffic based on SEO metrics.
Assisted company in building and understanding business goals in relation to
Content/SEO strategies and programs.
Managed and monitored affiliate relationships
2012 - 2015
SEO Specialist - Clearlink
Responsible for creating and implementing SEO strategies across multiple domains.
Daily duties include technical SEO and site audits, information architecture planning, blogger outreach, conversion rate optimization, forecasting and reporting
Led testing and implementation of various project management and content marketing strategies that were used company-wide

Email me at mail@dwaynehogan.com